Janice Green


Janice Green enjoys writing children's picture books about nature and the Bible.  She has also written books for and about her family.

Backyard ABC's is Janice Green's first children's book:


Backyard ABCs has been retired and re-written in anticipation that it will be published by one of the major publishing companies.


This Is Your Life Paul E. Ducker
Written to honor Mrs. Green's father, this book also serves to preserve her family's history. 96 pages $7.00
Exploring the Aquarium with Grandma and Grandpa
This is a keepsake book Mrs. Green wrote with her grandchildren who told her what to write on each page. Full color photos fill each page.
The Twins: Paul & Pauline, their first 90 years
This treasure of memories was compiled by Janice Green with input from siblings and a large pool of cousins. It includes anecdotes and stories beginning with Paul and Pauline's childhood and youth memories, family stories as recalled by their children, empty nest and retirement stories. It includes some genealogy information as well as a special section that includes all their descendents. 254 pages $10.00